Twitter is a quick and easy form of social media that is becoming widely used for admissions departments in non-profit and for-profit universities to advertise to prospective students. When posting a tweet there is a 140 character maximum, so it is an easy way to quickly post something about the school. Twitter is widely used in the 18-34 age group, which appeals to the profit-schools that recruit adults looking to go back to school. At University of Phoenix, “the average age of these students is between 33 and 36 for undergraduate and graduate students respectively” ( Twitter is not as widely used in the high school age and younger age group, with less than 14% of the users. Even though not many high school students use twitter, non-profit universities are still using Twitter as a mode of communication with the students because of the quick, easy, and inexpensive use of Twitter.

Graph of Twitter users ages:

Non-profit universities use Twitter as a medium to connect with prospective students.  The schools tweet and upload pictures on Twitter and try to generate interest and engagement with high school students, with the end goal of the students applying and possibly attending the school. The admissions departments of the non-profit universities use Twitter to advertise different aspects of that make their school different and stand apart from the other schools.

Lori Green, Director of Undergraduate Admission at Loyola University Chicago:

“Twitter actually allows us to reach a larger audience than prospective students alone. I enjoy connecting with current and future students on Twitter, but it’s also been great to network with parents and other members of the higher education community. I try to tweet about topics that are relevant to all of these multiple audiences. I also make an effort to use Twitter as another way of sharing the information I write about in my blog.”

Tulane University’s admissions department (@TulaneAdmission) uses Twitter to engage with prospective students:

-Update prospective students about upcoming events:

-Engage with students

-What sets Tulane apart from other schools!/TulaneAdmission


For-profit universities also use Twitter to attract prospective students. The student base of these schools are very different from for-profit universities:

“Most college students today are older, part-time students with full-time careers and outside responsibilities. These students don’t care about athletics or social organizations. Adult learners are simply not in college for the “experience”. Instead, they want practical, solid skills they can use on the job and to further their careers through promotion and advancement” ( ). The admissions departments for these schools recognize that their prospective students want to further their careers by attending school and use Twitter to show the need for education.

Instead of focusing on the individual attributes of the school, University of Phoenix’s Twitter (@UOPX) to update followers with current news updates and tips for job searches:

-Current news updates with links to articles




-Job search tips



Post by: Maddie Gunter!/TulaneAdmission!/uopx