Most people are aware of the financial obligations that accompany flying. Nowadays most people are also aware of the financial obligations that are accompanied with having to change flights for any reason at all. But is American Airlines being truthful?

One man details the truth about his experiences with American Airline. When booking with American he noticed that his previously booked flight was scheduled for a pm time when he clearly remembered booking in the am. Despite any arguments about how this came about he knew he must change the flight. When speaking to American representatives directly on the phone, they quoted him over $500 worth of change fees. Before agreeing he checked out the prices online himself. Not only was the flight almost $50 cheaper than the representative had quoted, but there were also several free seats on the flight that he needed to get on.

There are also several stories centered on people paying significantly different prices for relatively same seats with coach section. I myself was flying on American Airlines and began to chat with the person seated next to me only to find out that we had booked on the exact same day and our tickets were not at all the same price. How can American Airlines justify this? One seat being significantly more for what reason. One cannot help but wonder if these price quandaries are indicative of American Airlines financial slump. It is no secret that American Airlines is not doing well. Many articles have been written on their financial situation but one need only look at their financial statements to easily see the effect.

Not to mention American Airlines is only one of many airlines that is not doing well, and American’s market share is about 22.5%. This does not look good for airlines or the many people that will attempt to fly within the next year for reasonable prices.

American Airlines Financial Report 2010

Revenue22.2 billion

Net loss 471 million

Operating expense 21,862 million


Posted by Margaret Roberts