When I am looking to fly home to Dallas for the weekend from school, I always check the ticket prices and the flight schedule for American Airlines before I look at any other companies. I try to fly American Airlines whenever possible because I am part of American Airlines frequent flier program, called the AAdvantage Program. For every flight on American I receive frequent flyer miles that I am able to redeem later for tickets. Since I have traveled a lot with my family on American Airlines, I have been able to achieve the AAdvantage Gold elite status on American Airlines. This elevated status allows me to receive many different perks for my loyalty to American Airlines. I am able to receive upgrade perks which include complimentary upgrades to first class if there are seats available, upgrade to a window seat without charge, and sometimes I am able to upgrade a friend who is flying with me.

Through my AAdvantage Gold status I also receive a higher priority of customer service by American Airlines. I am able to use priority lines when checking in for my flight and at the security line. This priority customer service makes me not want to travel with other airline companies because I will not receive the same quality of customer service. Also when I am booking my flight I am able to have access to picking preferred seats on the plane, which are closer to the front of the plane. Through my status I am also able to save money by not having to pay baggage fees, which are usually $25-50 a flight, and I also receive discounts on hotels and car rentals. Through my AAdavantage Gold status I am able to save time and money when I am traveling on American Airlines, which makes me continue my loyalty with the company. When traveling on American Airlines I feel as though I actuall am a valued customer.

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Posted by Maddie Gunter