American Airlines has once again made headlines for employees being upset with the company American Airlines announced plans at the beginning of last month to restructure the company. This restructuring would lay off an estimated 13,000 employees, terminate pension plans, and shut down maintenance facilities. Employees at American Airlines have been increasingly disgruntled since the Company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2011. Hundreds of employees have been publicly protesting layoffs. As one flight attendant, who has worked for American Airlines for 32 years, says, “At first, I thought the bankruptcy might be a good thing. But now after what the company put on the table, it’s frightening. It’s scary. I feel like I have a gun to my head and that my career is over.”


On the other hand, company representatives declare that this restructuring plan is a necessary, albeit tough choice. Representatives say they will reach out to meet with union leaders to reach compromises that will be more satisfactory to employees.

Posted by Aimee Domingue