Instead of saying “Welcome to New Orleans,” our city says….

This sign welcome tourists in the Louis Armstrong Airport, bringing more life to the welcome than any other city in the country!  By using positive marketing, New Orleans can attract positive news, as opposed to the more negative news in recent years.  New Orleans is one of the birthplaces of Jazz, and marketing campaigns help bring this alive.  For tourists, they come expecting to see what is in the marketing campaigns: food, fun, and MUSIC!

Watch this video below to get a taste of how the New Orleans Tourism Bureau uses television to attract customers….

With great music established in New Orleans, there is a greater attraction for more musicians to bring their talent to the city.  This creates a cycle of great music education in the country.  New Orleans can continue to grow in its tourism by using jazz as a major theme of its campaign.  Furthermore, the tourism industry creates many job opportunities to cater to tourists different tastes: musicians, cooks, bartenders, dancers, casino dealers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are some further print ads from the New Orleans Tourism Bureau…

With all the great press including jazz, there is no one stopping the growth of New Orleans and its music industry!

Posted by Elisabeth Whitehead