Zatarain’s is a great example of using the New Orleans culture, and particularly a Jazz influence, to sell their products. Every touch point in their marketing efforts, from their commercials and their logo and slogan (“Jazz It Up with Zatarain’s”), to their Facebook & Twitter pages and their “Big Easy Mix” on Pandora, is inspired by the Jazz culture of the city (even the newsletter sign-up on their website is Jazz-themed).



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Twitter Page:!/myzatarains

Facebook Page:

Pandora “Big Easy Mix”:!/stations/play/765041737061348226

YouTube Channel:

Currently a client of Peter A. Mayer (a local New Orleans Advertising Firm), Zatarain’s spends around $8 million on advertising for its products. [].

Peter A. Mayer Zatarain’s Page:

Post by Amanda Zingone