Travel Without Reaching the Destination Wednesday, Feb 29 2012 

Two years ago my brother and his wife lived on the beautiful island of Granada.  It looks like this…

My parents decided to let me go by myself, even though I never traveled internationally alone before.  We bought the ticket using our American Airlines points, picked my seats, and I was good to go.

I left for Granada out of New Orleans, with a planned layover in Atlanta  and New York’s JFK Airport.  I arrived at the New Orleans Airport three hours before my scheduled flight, check my 2 bags for $100, and prepared to get on the flights.

Once we were in Atlanta, I had about a 6 hour layover.  I walked around the airport and noticed a storm was coming.  About an hour before my flight, the American Airlines worker informed everyone that the flight was an hour delayed.  Twenty minutes later, they pushed the time back even further.  I went and spoke the the attendant saying that I would be very close to the take-off time in JFK, and I wanted to plan an alternate route.  She assured me that everything would work out, but everything did NOT work out.


We eventually boarded the flight from Atlanta to JFK.  While on the flight, I spoke with a flight attendant about my situation.  I was concerned because American only had the flight to Grenada twice a week, so if I did not make this flight, it would take 3 days for me to get out.  He made sure that I would be first off the plane, since he could not call my connecting gate and ask them to wait.

Immediately when I got off the plane I bolted, running through the airport as fast as I could.  Luckily, it was 1:00 am and not very crowded. I wasn’t concerned about my luggage, only the flight.  I get to my assigned gate, and I see TOTAL CHAOS.  I hear people screaming, yelling, and crying at the attendant.  I hear them say that they overbooked the flight, and about 15-20 people were waiting at this gate.  I knew at that point I would not be getting to Grenada any time soon.

I began crying, exhausted from 15 hours of travel and frustration. On top of that, my phone was on its last bit of battery, and I knew I needed to speak with my parents.  I called them and told them the situation.  The attendants never addresses the group as a whole, but I heard them explaining that the flight had been full and overbooked, and they would work on getting everyone there.

By this time, there were 3 attendants behind the desk, working with each frustrated customer.  I had never heard humans speak to other humans in such a degrading way, but I understood their anger.  Because of the Grenadian Carnival week, people booked that flight a year in advance for thousands of dollars.  I booked my flight a month before using my points.


My parents had tried calling the help line for American while I was waiting my turn, but that was unsuccessful.  I got up there, and the attendants looked as my as if I was crazy.  Just because I had not yelled at them did not mean that I didn’t want service.  I explained that I wanted to get to Grenada as soon as possible.  After going through my options for about 45 minutes and speaking with my parents, I told them they needed to book me a flight home.  They asked how I would be paying for it….HA.  I finally got stern and said, “You WILL reward all of my points back and you WILL book me a flight home.  For FREE.”  They got me a ticket and I headed out.

I had to go across town to LaGuardia, but before I did, I needed file a claim for my luggage.  I wasn’t allowed in the luggage room, but the security guard tried to get my phone number as I waited.  Disgusted, I walked away to try to get a hold of my parents.  I asked a nice man to use his phone since mine was dead and he was nice enough to do so.  After waiting an hour and a half, someone came to baggage claim and I took care of my business.  I immediately got in a car and headed as fast as possible across town to LaGuardia.

It turned out that the attendants at JFK didn’t print my ticket, so I waited in a line for 25 minutes, watching the clock because I knew I could miss this flight too.  At this point my goal was to make it home.  After security, I ran to my gate again, making the last call on the flight.

I got home about 24 hours after I originally left for the trip, and my luggage was delivered 2 days later.  After my father spoke with American Airlines many hours on the phone, he was able to get all my points back I originally paid for on the trip.

I feel like all of my issues were man-made mistakes.  So I looked up some statistics about employees at American Airlines.  Since it’s bankruptcy, American Airlines claims that it will cut about 14,000 union jobs. They will also cut pensions for about 13,000 workers.  In a satisfaction rating that recently came out, American Airlines was rated last for overall customer service and marked poorly for delays.

My thought is, if employment is so fragile at American Airlines, wouldn’t you work your hardest to treat the customers right?  Aren’t they the ones to keep the company in business?  I guess the people working the day of my travel did not have that mindset….

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen! Friday, Feb 24 2012 

  • Popeyes is the world’s second largest quick service chicken restaurant group. As one of the many businesses founded in Louisiana, Popeyes relies on the culture and heritage of Louisiana, including some funky jazz to advertise its ever growing chain.

As seen in Popeyes’ culinary heritage section in its website, Popeyes has Louisiana and its accompanying cultural aspects ever at heart. –POPEYES WEBSITE!

  • Within its advertising/retailing market Popeyes manages to use several Louisiana factors that overall have made the business what it is today.
  • Many of Popeyes radio and tv advertisements utilize the Louisiana influence with the help of funky New Orleans style jazz music including their “Love that chicken” jingle.
  • Popeyes recognizes the influence that jazz has on not just the community of New Orleans, but Louisiana as a whole to boost their overall success. —–> Smart Move Popeyes!!!
  • Another popular advertising tool is the recent use of Annie the Chicken Queen in the Popeyes commercials that run on television. According to the company Annie is suppose to be “honest, vibrant, youthful and authentic”, much like the jazz music that often accompanies their other advertisements.


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Music for Tomorrow Friday, Feb 24 2012 

  • Is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate the creative economy by creating opportunities for jazz musicians and by creating more public awareness for jazz music
  • Was launched in New Orleans in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina to help displace jazz musicians
The Significant Role Arts Play in the U.S. Economy
  • Arts generate $166.2 billion in economic activity
  • Arts support 5.7 million jobs
  • Arts return nearly $30 billion to the government each year

The Significant Role Arts Play in New Orleans’ Economy

  • Cultural festivals, such as New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Essence Festival, draw record-breaking attendance
  • In 2010 alone, 375,000 people attended New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
  • Tourism is the largest industry in New Orleans and  second largest in Louisiana, with jazz music playing an integral role
  • Tourism generates $5 billion in visitor spending and $250 – $300 million in tax revenues

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The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Friday, Feb 24 2012 

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation:

A non-profit organization with the mission:

“To promote, preserve, perpetuate and encourage the music, arts, culture and heritage of communities in Louisiana through festivals, programs and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities.” (


The foundation promotes musical education through various programs, which include:

-The Don “Moose” Jamison Heritage School of Music

  • Free weekend music program that teaches middle school and high school students in a classroom setting jazz theory and hands-on music instruction.
    • The program prepares for the students to perform in many different concerts, including New Orleans Jazz Fest.

-The Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band

  • Band that teaches middle school students the history, theory, techniques of the traditional New Orleans brass band.
    • Through this band students also perform throughout the city of New Orleans particularly in marching bands.

-School Day at the Fest

  • Is a field trip for 1,500 students to have behind the scenes tour of Jazz Fest.

The foundation puts on a variety of cultural and musical events in the city, which include:

  • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
    • 2 weekends of music
    • Brings in over 100,000 visitors to New Orleans
    • $300 million to local economy

  • The Jazz Journey Concert Series
    • Modern American jazz music
  • Jazz & Heritage Gala
    • Raises money for the Foundation
  • Tom Dent Congo Square Lecture Series
    • Monthly lectures on different topics of culture and society
  • Jazz & Heritage Archive
    • Art gallery in the French Quarter

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We’re Jazzed You’re Here! Thursday, Feb 23 2012 

Instead of saying “Welcome to New Orleans,” our city says….

This sign welcome tourists in the Louis Armstrong Airport, bringing more life to the welcome than any other city in the country!  By using positive marketing, New Orleans can attract positive news, as opposed to the more negative news in recent years.  New Orleans is one of the birthplaces of Jazz, and marketing campaigns help bring this alive.  For tourists, they come expecting to see what is in the marketing campaigns: food, fun, and MUSIC!

Watch this video below to get a taste of how the New Orleans Tourism Bureau uses television to attract customers….

With great music established in New Orleans, there is a greater attraction for more musicians to bring their talent to the city.  This creates a cycle of great music education in the country.  New Orleans can continue to grow in its tourism by using jazz as a major theme of its campaign.  Furthermore, the tourism industry creates many job opportunities to cater to tourists different tastes: musicians, cooks, bartenders, dancers, casino dealers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are some further print ads from the New Orleans Tourism Bureau…

With all the great press including jazz, there is no one stopping the growth of New Orleans and its music industry!

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Jazz It Up with Zatarain’s Thursday, Feb 23 2012 


Zatarain’s is a great example of using the New Orleans culture, and particularly a Jazz influence, to sell their products. Every touch point in their marketing efforts, from their commercials and their logo and slogan (“Jazz It Up with Zatarain’s”), to their Facebook & Twitter pages and their “Big Easy Mix” on Pandora, is inspired by the Jazz culture of the city (even the newsletter sign-up on their website is Jazz-themed).



Print Advertisements:


Twitter Page:!/myzatarains

Facebook Page:

Pandora “Big Easy Mix”:!/stations/play/765041737061348226

YouTube Channel:

Currently a client of Peter A. Mayer (a local New Orleans Advertising Firm), Zatarain’s spends around $8 million on advertising for its products. [].

Peter A. Mayer Zatarain’s Page:

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